Celebrities Who Have Dated Porn Stars

This list compiles mainstream celebrities who allegedly are dating adult film stars or once dated actresses and actors in the adult entertainment industry. Given that these performers are often considered some of the most desirable people, perhaps it's not surprising that several famous actors, public figures, musicians, and athletes have courted them. Some of these famous people only had one-night stands, while others went on to marry performers from the industry.

Chances are, you can guess a few of these celebrities. The notoriously wild Charlie Sheen has been romantically linked to a variety of performers. Not only did rocker Gene Simmons date one, but he made things official by marrying former actress Shannon Tweed in 2011.

Mixed martial arts expert Tito Ortiz dated Jenna Jameson from 2006–13. They have two children together. After breaking up with his fiancee, fellow fighter Chuck Liddell dated Jayden James. Other famous people on this list include musicians Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, and comedian Drew Carey.

What other celebs have had relationships with stars of the movies video stores used to keep behind closed curtains? Keep scrolling through this list to find out.