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Celebrities Who Have Dissed Justin Bieber

In the relatively short number of years Justin Bieber has been around he's done an impressive amount of stupid things. When your THAT famous and are caught doing stupid things well your fans,the everyman,and your peers tend to have their own commentary.

 This is a guy who had his posse carry him over the Berlin Wall, Peed in a bucket out at a restaurant instead of waiting to use the bathroom, trashed a paintball place with his posse after they let him use it for free, was caught and arrested for drag racing a rented lambo (drunk?) , got a 'patience' tattoo vertically behind his ear, being a grown man and egging his neighbors house, causing thousands in damages and bailing on his friends and SO MUCH MORE.

This isn't to mention ALL of the dumb stuff he's done with his dad or that deposition video THAT DEPOSITION YOU GUYS!

Basically he's more than earned any and all insults he gets: Celebrities who have dissed Justin Bieber. Disses are included along with the context here.