Celebrities Who Have Received Organ Transplants

A list of famous people who have received organ transplants; celebrities who have been donated livers, kidneys, corneas and hearts. In some cases, celebrity organ recipients were lucky enough to have a friend, fan, or significant other who could donate their organs to them. In other cases, these notable people who had kidney or liver transplants got their organ from an anonymous donor.

Do famous people have to wait on organ donor lists like everybody else? This is one of the biggest controversies in organ donation, because lists of people waiting can be very long. In some cases, celebrities can pull strings - like in the case of Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors. Many people also think that Mickey Mantle unfairly received a liver ahead of the line. Other celebs who have received organ transplants due to a disease include Sarah Hyland, George Lopez, and Tracy Morgan. 

Like with normal people, the best bet for celebrities who need organ donations is to have a friend or loved one donate to them. The trick is, though, that the donor needs to be a perfect match or the organ could be rejected. This used to be a huge problem because many patients died during surgery, but doctors can now do tests to see if a donor will be compatible. 

The most common type of organ transplant is kidney donation because kidneys are relatively easy to donate. (Check out this list of Famous Kidney Transplant Recipients). People are usually born with two kidneys and are able to recover relatively quickly if they donate theirs. Famous people who have had liver transplants or heart transplants have had to receive this organ from a deceased donor. Use this list as a reference to see which famous people have had organ donations.

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