Celebrities Who Have Starred on Broadway

Most actors don't just stick to the screen. What celebrities have also been in Broadway plays? The celebrities on this list, who are known for their film, TV, and music work but have also appeared on Broadway includes celebrities like Robin Williams, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Julie Andrews, Julia Roberts, and Claire Danes. As Hollywood actors, many of these celebrities have achieved superstar status and we forget they have also been in projects not on TV or film.

These actors inspire us, influence us, and make us laugh... or cry. They have often done this for years as famous Hollywood celebrities and then turned to the stage for a different kind of acting experience. The stage is live and anything can happen, which is a much different experience than acting on film or television.

After achieving success in Hollywood, these actors have all proven themselves as talented performers on the stage as well. This list showcases the celebrities who have also hit the Broadway stage in musicals and plays.
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