15 Celebrities Who Totally Lied About Their Age

Given that they're living under the intense scrutiny of the public eye, it's only natural that some famous people have chosen to stretch the truth when it comes to age. But why do celebrities lie about their age? By and large, it seems to be a way to fight ageism in the youth-obsessed world of show business.

Women have had to bear the brunt of ageism since Tinseltown's earliest days. In some Old Hollywood cases, a studio fictionalized the life story of a popular star to make them seem fresher. In more recent times, de-aging has been done as a means of getting roles and continuing to work. And it's not just women whose ages are often manipulated – some famous men took a few years off their biographies, too.

Celebrities who lied about their ages or backgrounds, or who have even crafted extravagant stage names, are a fascinating topic of conversation. Perhaps it has something to do with that gotcha! feeling of catching someone in a lie. It seems that age isn't just a number after all – at least when it comes to celebrity birthdays.