Celebrities Who Totally Lied About Their Homes On MTV's "Cribs"

MTV Cribs was one of the most beloved and outrageous shows of the early '00s. From Mariah Carey's lavish, 11,000 square-foot penthouse to Redman's Staten Island shack, the show gave everyday people an inside glimpse of what it's really like to be a celebrity. Cribs was renowned for showing glamorous mansions and luxury cars, a trend standard for many past MTV shows that took the place of actual music. Without the show, the phrase "this is where the magic happens" would have never been used to describe a bedroom.

Unfortunately, the Cribs remembered is not always the Cribs that existed. Though certain nostalgia brings everyone back to old MTV shows, now that Millennials, the target audience, are older, they realize there are plenty of celebrities who misled the Cribs audience. Remember Ja Rule's MTV Cribs episode? Fake. Rapper 50 Cent's impressive car collection? Fake. Even the some of the best Cribs episodes turned out to be total fabrications in terms of how some of your favorite celebrities were living.