16 Celebrities Who Married Later In Life

List of celebrities who married late, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. People, especially celebrities, more and more are waiting until they get older to get married. With busy careers, several famous actors, actresses, and comedians have gotten married later in life. One famous television actor even got married for the first time when he was 71 years old.

Who is the most famous person who married late? Salma Hayek tops our list. At age 42, Salma Hayek married François-Henri Pinault in 2009. The Freida actress enjoys being a wife. “I love being a wife and homemaker - because it's my choice. My husband doesn't expect me to do it. I don't mind doing things for him because he does so much for me; we both feel that way so there is no power struggle,” Hayek said.

At age 42, Diane Sawyer married The Graduate director Mike Nichols in 1988. But another television star married at the age of 71. Who was it? Click through the list to find out.

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