19 Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age a Day

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Do not refresh your screen, do not check to see if you've traveled through time, and do believe your eyes: you are looking at some of the hottest celebrities of all time who have seemingly not aged a day in years. These celebrities who have not aged at all aren't all fitness fanatics and easy livers; some of them are notorious partiers who just happen to be blessed with great genes and incredible good looks.

These famous people who never age come from all walks of life: sports, television, music, and even politics. There are some young celebs who look the exact opposite of their famous cohorts who became child stars who grew up ugly, and there are some older celebs who you would swear could still play high schoolers at the age of 40. It's not fair, but these ageless celebrities look exactly the same DECADES after we were first introduced to them. This list of celebs who never seem to be aging includes Elijah Wood, Keanu Reeves, and Rob Lowe. 

What celebrities haven't aged? What famous people are still as hot as they were when they were younger? What celebrities have looked the best the longest? This list of celebrities who look the same as they did years ago is a reminder that the hottest celebrities will always be hotter than you, have better genes that you, and may or may not be able to do so without a time machine or a pact with the devil.

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