Celebs Who Owe Their Careers to Psychedelics

Whether you’re stone cold sober, or a web-surfing psychedelic monk, this list of famous people who used LSD will peak your interest in numerous ways. Each story not only shows that it’s not just spacey musicians like The Beatles, or gonzo actors like Dennis Hopper expanding their consciousness with LSD, but also that a few actors you probably thought were incredibly vanilla, like Cary Grant, had careers helped by LSD. So if you’ve been asking everyone you know, “is LSD good for you?” this list of celebrities who used psychedelics will sort of give you some answers. We’re not saying you should run out and start eating every magic mushroom you can find, but these famous people who used psychedelics seem to think they were helped in one way or another by chemically expanding their mind.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of celebrity drug users. After all it’s almost de rigueur for famous folks to do something illegal. When applying this concept to psychedelics, it makes you wonder, is LSD good for creativity? After researching all these famous people who used acid it certainly seems like there’s something to the thought that you can reach another artistic state by opening up your consciousness with mind-altering drugs.

But don’t take this list's word for it. See what these celebrities who used LSD have to say about their own experiences with taking LSD, acid, mushrooms, and peyote. Once you’ve expanded your mind with this list of famous people who used acid leave a comment with your own experiences and let’s like, get a dialogue going, man.