17 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Farmers

For some actors, the glitz and glamor of Hollywood just isn't enough. For the famous folks on this list, the star in the distance beyond being a gigantic actor was to put on a straw hat and a set of overalls and own a farm. Celebrities with farms take up the lifestyle for different reasons. Some of them want a place to relax on their time off, while others don’t want to lose touch with their roots so they literally go out and touch roots. This list of celebrities who own farms is going to be a real barnburner.

Celebrities who farm are a different breed of celebrity than those who laze by the pool all day and spend their evenings avoiding the paparazzi. Famous people who run farms turn in early and are awake before the sun rises so they can tend to their cows, or whatever it is they have on their farm. But if you think you know exactly what these celebrities who are farmers are up to, get ready to be surprised by what a lot of these A-listers cultivate in their orchards. For some, the farm isn’t simply a means to an end, or a funny hobby, it’s a new way of life.