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11 Celebrities Who Play Cello

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Playing the cello takes time, practice, discipline, and talent.  It's no surprise that several popular actors, politicians, and athletes also play the cello. Some of these celebrities learned to play the cello when they were growing up, while others learned to play for film roles. One famous television personality even received a college scholarship for playing the cello! 

Who is the most famous person who plays the cello? Emily Blunt tops our list. Emily Blunt played the cello in high school. When asked if she chose the instrument, she responded, "Yeah I did, like a nerd, and I regretted it, as I had to drag it to school every day—like dragging a coffin with me!" Christopher Walken learned to play the cello for the 2012 film "A Late Quartet." Even former president Thomas Jefferson played the cello and the violin. He used to perform duets with his wife, Martha, who played the piano.

Paula Zahn attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri on a cello scholarship. Rosamund Pike learned to play the cello at an early age. Her father, Julian Pike, is a professor of music and head of Operatic Studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire.

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