Celebrities Who Play League of Legends

List of celebrities who play League of Legends, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. League of Legends is a multi-player video game that was released in 2009. League of Legends features intense battle elements and players gain levels by killing their opponent's champions. Several famous actors, athletes, musicians, and authors play League of Legends.

Who is the most famous person who plays League of Legends? Justin Bieber tops our list. In 2013, Justin Bieber tweeted, "Started playing League of Legends, Teemo is my fav <3." Comedian Aisha Tyler loves playing video games and she regularly attends E3, the electronic entertainment expo. When she was attacked by virtual haters, Tyler took to her Facebook account posting, "I don't give a s*it what you think about my gamerscore. I don't play to prove a point. I don't play to be the best. I play because I love it." 

Other celebrity LoL players include Simon Pegg and Gordon Harward. 

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