34 Celebrities Who Played High School Football

Celebrities who played high school football include a variety of actors, musicians, and other celebs who in their early life put on the pads for their high school football teams. While a few of these men also spent time playing college football and some even spent time in the National Football League, all went on to pretty successful careers in Hollywood.

As some of the top tough guy actors ever, it's no surprise that people like Chuck Norris, John Wayne, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson played high school football. But they're not the only ones who you'd expect to be among the celebrities who were on school sports teams with big, tough actors like Lou Ferrigno, Channing Tatum, and Dennis Haysbert also making their prep football rosters.

Then there is another category of former high school football players turned celebrities: the ones who are surprising. Who would have ever expected Willie Nelson, Jamie Foxx, or Joel McHale to have played football as a teen? Even the late Chris Farley played football before he became a comedy star.

These celebrities who played football in high school might not have all gone on to play college or professional football (though some did), but all made a name for themselves off the field with their work in television, film or music and that's a touchdown in itself.