25 Celebrities Who Played Lacrosse in School

This list contains information about celebrities who played lacrosse in school, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Lacrosse is a team sport that is most popular in the Northeast region of the United States, but it is growing in popularity across the country. Many famous actors, musicians, and athletes all played lacrosse while they were in school.

Who is the most famous person who played lacrosse in school? Steve Carell tops this list. He played lacrosse during his time at The Fenn School in Massachusetts. He told Conan O'Brien that he grew a mustache as a freshman because he thought that it would make him look intimidating on the lacrosse field. Dave Grohl was a lacrosse goalie during his high school years. He told US Weekly that the sport was his favorite growing up.

Wayne Gretzky excelled at several sports growing up as well, including baseball, lacrosse, and, of course, hockey. He credits lacrosse with helping him to learn how to take tough blows and hard checks. Many NFL stars got their starts on the lacrosse field as well.

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