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20 Celebrities Who Played Soccer In High School

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Celebrities who played soccer in high school all once shared a passion for what Americans call soccer and what others call football. Though all have gone on to bigger and better things, many still hold their love for the sport tight and are happy to kick the ball around for charity games or just plain fun.

As soccer or football is much more popular across the pond, it's not surprising that many British and European celebrities have made this list. Jason Statham, Colin Farrell, Rod Stewart, Vinnie Jones, and chef Gordon Ramsay all played soccer in high school. Jones even saw success playing football professionally prior to leaving the game for acting and going on to appear in several movies.

But playing soccer in high school isn't limited to foreign-born celebrities as there are many famous people who grew up playing the game in the states. Tom Cruise, Jon Stewart, Channing Tatum, and Jessica Biel are just a few who gave up their passion for soccer at one point in time to pursue their now-successful Hollywood careers. Some, like Stewart, also played in college.

Didn't know these celebrities played soccer in high school? Well then you might not know about the other soccer celebrities who are former athletes as well. Check out which celebrities played high school football and which celebrities played basketball in high school for more.

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