18 Hilarious Videos of Celebrities Pranking Their Fans

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Not to speak from experience or anything, but when you’re a celebrity, it can be hard to interact with fans with an icebreaker. Thankfully, that’s where pranks come in. Celebrities will also make surprise appearances for their fans. Most celebrity fan pranks are so fun to watch because there’s a real joy in the superstar’s eye that you don’t get to see in their regular talk show interactions - not to mention fans (usually) love being pranked by their favorite celebs. Although some of the pranks that you’re about to see probably gave at least one fan a heart attack (looking at you, One Direction), most of these are really authentic and fun interactions. Check out these famous people who pranked their fans.

There are a few different styles of celeb pranks. There’s tried-and-terrifying "Wax Museum" prank, the classic prank phone call, and that timeless undercover-celeb-con. Celebrities who've pranked their unsuspecting fans range from sports mega-stars to country singers to television actors who have a project they are trying to promote. What makes them so fun to watch, though, is how much fun these famous pranksters seem to be having. 

If you’ve been pranked by a celebrity and want to share your story, tell us about it in the comments. And if you know where we can find more videos of Hanson covering Slipknot please get in touch.