21 Celebrities Who Predicted Their Own Deaths

The list of celebrities who predicted their deaths is unfortunately long. Many of these deaths shocked the world into a state of disbelief, while others were met with more of an unsurprised sadness. Either way, one thing is clear: All these actors, musicians, athletes and other public figures saw their end coming long before everyone else. That is perhaps the saddest part of all.  

Some of these celebrity death predictions are eerily intricate and precise, while others are slightly vague but immensely foreboding. Musicians appear on this list the most by far. Rappers, rockers, and more appear to be especially talented at predicting their own demise. It may have to do with the unique knowledge they have, or it could be simply the situations they frequently find themselves in. It's not all musicians, though. Athletes, writers, and famous composers have also been successful in predicting their own deaths. Perhaps the most surprising, though, is the famous mathematician who was obsessed with death.

Many of the people on this list were far too young when they passed. There are multiple members of the infamous "27 Club" on the list, as well as a few who were even younger than that when they perished. These famous predicted deaths might have been foreseen by some, but they are tragic, nonetheless.