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Celebrities Who Claim to Have Had Sex with Ghosts

Updated 14 Jun 2019 75.9k views8 items

If ghosts aren't scary enough for you, prepare to learn about those who claimed to have had intimate relations with ghosts. Spectrophilia is the fetishization of and the attraction to ghosts or supernatural beings. But it's not only spectrophiles who claim to have had romantic encounters from beyond the grave. Although some fantasize about having a sexy spiritual encounter, most reports by people who claim to have experienced the phenomenon say they didn't initiate it.

According to scientists, the sensation of supernatural intimate pleasure typically occurs when individuals are falling into or out of sleep. Human brains are most vulnerable to hallucinations during those moments, which explains the intense sensations people often report. Some people who suffer from sleep paralysis have also reported intimate encounters with spirits. Since medieval times, there have been records of people who believe to have been sexually stimulated, or even assailed, by ghosts. Tales of the succubus and incubus warned of evil spirits that could invade bodies and force relations.

You don't hear a lot about sensual ghost encounters. It's definitely best reserved for a search deep into the darkest crevices of the Internet. But you really don't expect to hear about celebrities who have engaged in supernatural intercourse. Believe it or not, several celebrities have claimed to have had relations with ghosts - and they've shared dirty details you couldn't even get an Ouija board to recount. Stars like Ke$ha, Lucy Liu, and Anna Nicole Smith have all had unlikely encounters with a ghost that just couldn't keep its hands to itself. Here is a roundup of all the celebrities who have admitted to having wild intimate relations with ghosts, each with their own unique perspective and experience. 

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