Celebrities Who Would Help You Out In A Pinch

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Vote up the celebrities who would definitely lend you an iPhone charger.

Though celebrities possess millions of dollars, luxurious homes, and a team of assistants, there are some celebs (one hopes) who are likely to still lend a helping hand to someone in need, and not just in terms of celebrity humanitarians. Which famous people seem like they would help you move or give you a ride to an airport? These are the chores and errands many of your friends wouldn't even volunteer to do. 

Down to earth celebrities, like Tom Hanks, Amy Adams, and Chris Pratt, definitely seem like helpful celebrities. Ran out of smokes? Shia LaBeouf and Daniel Radcliffe would probably share their cigarettes. Need a shoulder to cry on? Emma Stone and Keanu Reeves will provide the tissues. Just need a good old buddy to chat with? Oprah's seat is open.

Vote up the celebrities you think are most likely to help you when in need. We already added the celebs we think will be good friends, but feel free to add any other likely celebrity good Samaritans.