People We Want to See on a Comedy Central Roast

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People on your roast wish list: the ones you would enjoy watching get roasted. Should be celebs who have not yet been on a Comedy Central roast.
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Roasts are hilarious and no one does it like Comedy Central Roast does. A roast takes a person who's famous, and has their also famous and funny friends mercilessly make fun of them in front of as many people as possible. Comedy Central, these days, has cornered the market on roasts, skewering people ranging from Joan Rivers to Justin Bieber, with lots of jokes about celebrities. Some are roasts of people we like. Some are roasts of people we dislike and desperately want to see get offended at jokes made at their expense. Either way, this list ranks those people you think deserve to be roasted. 

Whether they're celebrities who have a reputation for practical jokes (like George Clooney), or celebrities who are respectable types you'd like to see let their hair down (like Meryl Streep), this list of people who should be on Comedy Central Roast runs the gamut! Singers, actors, comedians - some who are all three of those things! And really, is there anyone among us who doesn't want to see a roast of Kanye West? Anyone? No? Thought so. 

So take a look at this list of celebrities that should get their own Comedy Central Roast, and whether it's people you like or people you don't, vote up the ones who you think would make for an excellent and entertaining roast.
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