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Celebrities Who NEED to Write a Tell-All

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The inner workings of the human mind are a mystery and there are tons of celebrities who should write a tell-all, so we can have a little peek inside. The best chance that you have to get to know anyone is through either having a one on one conversation or by reading their tell-all book, should they be so nice as to write one. The stories trapped inside the minds of the famous people on this are the insane bat sh** crazy ones, we definitely want to read. To be fair, they’re not all crazy people, but they are all interesting, and maybe a little enigmatic. Put on your reading glasses and crack open this list of celebrities who NEEEEED to write a tell-all.

Charlie Sheen, Axl Rose, and Lindsay Lohan: all three of these famously nutso Hollywood types and public figures need to be tied to a typewriter until they come out with thousand page autobiographies. Even if you’re not a reader, you know you’d learn your ABCs just to find out about whether or not Axl Rose actually liked wearing those tiny spandex shorts. Outside of spandex shorts, there’s baby mama drama, mysterious deaths, and weird racial outbursts that we need to know about. We’re putting all of these unwritten celebrity tell-alls on our Christmas list – if you’re a celebrity and you’re reading this, close your computer, pick up the pen, and get to work!

If you’re not a celebrity, just a lowly civilian like the rest of us, vote on which celebrity tell all book you would want to read, and leave us a comment or two telling us if we missed your favorite celeb, whose complete story you simply need to hear.
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