60+ Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

This is a list of celebrities who smoke weed, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. More and more celebrities are speaking of their drug usage as they advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Some of these famous folks have never hidden the fact that they smoke weed, while other celebrities' pro-pot stances may surprise you. One Oscar nominee was even arrested when police found him smoking weed and playing bongos in the nude. You'll find out who on our celebrity stoners list.

Of all the famous people who smoke weed, who's the most well-known? Megan Fox could be found at the top. In 2009, she told GQ, "I hope they legalize [marijuana] and when they do I’ll be the first f**king person in line to buy my pack of joints." Jennifer Aniston has admitted to smoking weed as have other famous actresses, including Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Charlize Theron. There are probably more celebs who smoke weed than you even realize.

Miley Cyrus has made it pretty clear that she is one of the famous cannabis users. Other obvious celebrity pot smokers include Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan. Do you could name all of the celebrities who smoke weed? If not, this list should act as a catalog of the famous people who smoke weed.

Are you surprised by how many celebrities smoke pot? Read more about Hollywood stoners below.