Celebrities Who Survived Plane Crashes

Many famous people frequently fly in airplanes to travel across the country. A few celebrities have even survived plane crashes. Some of these celebrities were passengers, while others were actually flying the plane when it went down. Two musicians on this list were the only survivors of an incident that terminated four people.

Who is the most famous person who has survived such a tragedy? Sandra Bullock tops our list. In 2000, the Gravity actress was involved in an incident in which her aircraft skidded off the runway. No one was hurt. In 1999, Harrison Ford was forced to make an emergency landing while flying a helicopter. In 2008, Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein, who were touring together for their project TRV$DJAM, survived a tragedy that ended the lives of four people.

Do you think that surviving such an ordeal has changed these celebrities? Read on to learn about nine celebrity survivors.