Celebrities Who Took Their Moms to Awards Shows

It’s every parent’s dream: watching your kid grow up to be successful, wealthy, and beloved. If that dream happens to come with free tickets to Hollywood’s biggest bashes, then so be it! These celebrities sure did make their mothers proud, and to show their appreciation, these superstar kids gave them the best thank you gift ever—a trip to a major award show.

This list of celebrities who brought their moms to an awards show proves that a good upbringing is the key to future success. (And that not all children are ungrateful terrors.) Many famous actors, actresses, and musicians have realized that they owe everything to the loving ladies who took care of them as kids.

These stars who took their moms to awards shows should give mothers everywhere hope that their sons and daughters will appreciate their efforts someday. Your kids may not be able to take you to the Academy Awards or the Grammys, but send them this list of loving celebrity children and they may just be guilted in to sending you a Mother’s Day card.

Who is the most famous person who took their mom to an awards show? Perhaps Oscar winner Natalie Portman! Portman brought her mom as her date to several awards shows and red carpet events including the 2012 awards season. Pop star Miley Cyrus took her mother to several awards ceremonies like the 2010 Academy Awards.

And is there anything hotter than a guy who loves his mom? Several famous men have also brought their mothers to awards shows. Tom Cruise took his mom to the 2009 Golden Globe Awards and Kanye West took his mother 2006 Grammy Awards.

Just one more perk of motherhood!