Celebrities Who Wear Wigs


List of celebrities who wear wigs (with photos), loosely ranked by fame and popularity by crazy hair-loving fans like you. Many famous people wear wigs. Some celebrities love wigs because they can quickly change their hairstyle without waiting for their natural hair to grow. Other celebrities use wigs because they are dealing with hair loss. Several famous actors and actresses have worn wigs in popular films or on hit television shows.

Who is the most famous person who wears a wig? Angelina Jolie tops our list. Angelina Jolie wore several wigs in the film Salt. She is also rumored to wear a wig on the red carpet so that her hair appears full and luxurious. Beyonce Knowles is known for wearing various lace front wigs when she is out in public. Other Black celebs who wear wigs and hairpieces include Rihanna and Amber Rose. 

Emilia Clarke wears a wig for her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. In real life, Clarke is a brunette. Robert Pattinson had to wear a wig during Twilight: Breaking Dawn reshoots because he had shaved his head for another role. Other celebrity women and Hollywood stars who wear wigs include Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and Rachel McAdams.

What is your favorite style of wig? Are you surprised that any of the famous people on this list have wigs? Share your thoughts in the comments section.