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Celebrities Who Went to Betty Ford Clinic Rehab

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This list contains information about celebrities who went to the Betty Ford treatment center, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. The Betty Ford center is an addiction treatment facility located in California. Drug addiction, eating disorders, and alcoholism are amongst the conditions treated at the facility. Several famous actors, actresses, and musicians have spent time at the Betty Ford center.

Who is the most famous person who went to the Betty Ford Center? Lindsay Lohan tops our list. Lindsay Lohan has spent quite a bit of time at the Betty Ford Clinic. She spent several months in treatment from 2010-2011 and she returned again in 2013. Drew Barrymore entered Betty Ford to treat drug and alcohol abuse when she was just 13 years old. She returned the following year after a suicide attempt.

Several famous men also went to the Betty Ford Center. Ozzy Osbourne spent three weeks in 1986 treating his alcohol abuse at the Betty Ford Center. Alice Cooper wrote his 1978 album From The Inside while receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Center. After his family held an intervention for his crack usage, Flavor Flav was treated at the Betty Ford Center in 1993.

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