10 Celebrities Who Went to Passages Malibu Rehab

Many celebrities who went to Passages in Malibu came out on the other side much stronger, healthier people. The Passages Malibu center is a holistic treatment facility located in California. Drug addiction, eating disorders and alcoholism are amongst the conditions treated at the facility. Several famous actors, actresses, and musicians have spent time at Passages Malibu.

Who is the most famous person who went to Passages Malibu? Mel Gibson tops our list. Mel Gibson reportedly went to Passages Malibu for rehab. He has struggled with alcohol abuse for much of his life. Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence in 1984 and in 2006. David Hasselhoff has a history of alcohol abuse. He is amongst the celebrity clients who have spent time at Passages Malibu.

Several famous women also went to Passages Malibu. Natasha Lyonne reportedly treated her drug and alcohol addictions at Passages Malibu. In 2011, Cassie Sumner checked into Passages Malibu to treat her bulimia. That same year, "Happy Mondays" singer, Rowetta, treated her alcoholism at Passages Malibu.

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