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9 Celebrities Who Went to Sierra Tucson Rehab

Updated April 12, 2019 17.7k views9 items

This list contains information about celebrities who went to the Sierra Tucson treatment center, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. The Sierra Tucson center is a residential treatment facility located in Arizona. Drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and alcoholism are amongst the conditions treated at the facility. Several famous actors, politicians, and musicians have spent time at Sierra Tucson.

Who is the most famous person who went to Sierra Tucson? Nicole Richie tops our list. In 2006, Nicole Richie went to Sierra Tucson after being arrested for driving under the influence. Whitney Houston also went to Sierra Tucson in 2006 to treat her drug addiction. In 1988, Barbara Bach and her husband, Ringo Starr, went to Sierra Tucson to treat their alcohol addictions.

Several famous men also went to Sierra Tucson. Rob Lowe spent 30 days at Sierra Tucson in the early 1990s to treat his drug addiction and alcoholism. In 1992, Michael Douglas treated his alcoholism and drug addiction by spending 30 days at the Sierra Tucson Center. Politician Mark Foley checked himself into Sierra Tucson in 2006, just two days after he resigned from Congress after sending sexually explicit emails to an underage page.

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