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15 Celebrities Who Went to Silver Hill Hospital Rehab

Updated May 14, 2019 83.4k views12 items

This list contains information about celebrities who went to the Silver Hill Hospital, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Silver Hill is a psychiatric hospital in Connecticut. Drug addiction, depression, and alcoholism are amongst the conditions treated at the facility. Several famous actors, actresses, and musicians have spent time at Silver Hill.

Who is the most famous person who went to Silver Hill? Mariah Carey tops our list. The singer spent some time at Silver Hill Hospital in 2001. She was reportedly seeking help after suffering an emotional and physical breakdown. Judy Garland struggled with an addiction to amphetamines and barbiturates for much of her life. Silver Hill was reportedly one of the many treatment centers that she visited over the years.

Several famous men also went to Silver Hill. Michael Jackson checked-in to Silver Hill in 1993. While there, he participated in a 12-step program to treat his addiction to prescription drugs. In 2002, Nick Nolte checked into Silver Hill Hospital after being arrested for driving under the influence of GHB. Billy Joel went to Silver Hill in 2002. He was treating "a specific and personal problem that had recently developed."

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