18 Celebrities Who Were in Gamma Phi Beta

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Famous people who were Gamma Phi members while in college.

Gamma Phi Beta has a unique claim to fame: the word "sorority" was coined to describe the organization. But whether you prefer to call it a sorority or a women's fraternity, there's no denying that Gamma Phi Beta has a long and distinguished legacy. Since its founding at Syracuse University in 1874, the organization has counted a number of celebrity women among its ranks. You also might want to check celebs who were in Beta Theta Pifamous Kappa Alpha Thetas, and Tri Delta celebrity alumni. Some famous people in Gamma Phi Beta are television stars while other famous members are popular authors. Even a few famous politicians are members of GPB.

Who will you find on this list of celebrity Gamma Phis? Stage and screen star Kristin Chenoweth was a member of Gamma Phi Beta while attending Oklahoma City University. She earned a bachelor's degree in musical theater and a master's in opera performance. Comedy legend Cloris Leachman pledged GPB while attending Northwestern University, while Chelsea Lately contributor Heather McDonald numbered among the Gamma Phi Betas at University of Southern California. Other famous women featured on this top Gamma Phi Beta celebrities list include Marguerite Higgins, Alex Flanagan, and Lane Carlson.

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