50+ Celebrities Who Were in School Choir

This list of celebrities who were in choir is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous musicians, actors, politicians, and even athletes sang in their school or church choirs as kids. Many famous singers released albums when they were teenagers attending high school. Two legendary singers went to school together, where they both sang in the choir. Read through the list below to find out who they were.

Who is the most famous person who sang in the school choir? Blake Lively tops this list. Lively was a member of her high school's show choir. Anne Hathaway was an award-winning singer with her high school choir. She even performed with the All-Eastern U.S. High School Honors Chorus at Carnegie Hall.

President Barack Obama is known for being a fantastic public speaker, but he also has a wonderful singing voice. Obama was a member of his high school's choir in 1977. Other famous people who were in choir include Tina Fey, Alicia Keys, and multiple NFL stars.

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