Celebrities Who Survived Sexual Abuse

This list contains information about celebrities who were sexually abused as children. According to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 44 percent of sexual abuse victims are under the age of 18. Several celebrities fit within this shocking statistic, as they suffered sexual abuse in their adolescence. Several famous people share their experiences to help other survivors cope with the aftermath of sexual assault.

Who is the most famous person who was sexually abused? Marilyn Monroe tops this list. Monroe spent a great deal of time in the foster care system as a child, and she suffered sexual abuse from the men in her life. Monroe was one of the first public figures to discuss her experience with abuse in public.

Some famous men have also been victims of sexual abuse. Marilyn Manson suffered from childhood sexual abuse. Manson worked the topic of abuse into his album "Smells Like Children." Gabriel Byrne was abused as a child by Christian Brothers while he was training to be a priest. Byrne says that he was "deeply hurt" by the abuse of the clergy member.

Are you surprised that so many famous people have suffered childhood sexual abuse?