Celebrities Who Wrestled in School

Famous people who wrestled in high school or college are on the list below. Which notable celebrities were on the school wrestling team? The list of wrestlers-turned-stars includes everyone from Hollywood's highest paid actors like Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis, chart-topping entertainers Garth Brooks and Ludacris, TV personalities like Mario Lopez and Geraldo Rivera, and even classic film star James Cagney.

Wrestling is one of the most popular combat sports in the world. It was even considered the main event during the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. Today, the two most common forms of competitive wrestling are the Greco-Roman style and modern freestyle wrestling. Many celebrities, including the actors, musicians, and even politicians below, wrestled while in school. These famous people might not have been famous college wrestlers, but they represented their high schools and universities in the sport, and found fame off the mat as well. Some celebs like those in the gallery below might have been considering a career in professional wrestling long before they became top names in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Celebrities love sports, and it's not surprising that wrestling is at or near the top of the list for many of the guys on this list. Check out the list below of stars who were on the school wrestling team. And since you love knowing what celebs were like in their younger years, check out Ranker's list of celebrities who were on school sports teams and celebrities who played high school basketball.