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Celebrities Whose Deaths Will Be the Biggest Deal

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One of the most truly awful parts of life is when someone you admire passes on into the great unknown. Whenever a celebrity death occurs, it feels like the world shuts down for a couple of days to take part in collective morning and a much needed retrospective of that person’s work. As much as we want everyone to live forever, it’s inevitable that our favorite celebrities will go eventually. They are mortal, after all.

Whether they’re singers, actors, or designers, the people on this list are among the best and brightest stars still living today. If we could, we’d put them in a cryogenic tank and trot them out for award shows, ensuring that they would live forever. This list is a look at the stars whose deaths are going to gut us the most.

Of course, all deaths are important and emotional. In no way is this list denying that. But it's also impossible to deny that certain celebrity deaths have a way of affecting people. Even if you're not a huge fan of each star on this list, you’re certainly familiar with their work, and something they did probably touched you in a way that not many other people can do. Maybe their songs have helped you through a hard time in your life, or one of their roles inspired you. Whatever it was, these are the celebrities whose deaths will be the biggest deal.