Celebrities Whose Faces Totally Changed

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No one can ever be 100% sure if it's make-up, age, or something else, but it's clear that there are big-time changes happening to a lot of celebrity faces. Renée Zellweger shocked the world at the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. And have you seen Meg Ryan lately? Kathy Griffin is one of the most known celebrities whose faces changed. And Heidi Montag sparked her own celebrity face controversy when she had a reported 10 procedures in one day.

While some of the celebs on this list cite new diets for their updated appearance – like Olivia Munn’s obsession with Japanese potatoes – a lot of these celebs have also copped to the fact that they’ve been injected and filled, including Nicole Kidman and Melanie Griffith. As for the others, well, they’re not talking, but it’s not like the world doesn't know what’s going on.