Celebrities Whose Lives You Want

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Famous people who you would want to switch lives with - whether it be for their career, looks, partner, or whatever.

Celebrities, in a general sense, live a life of luxury. Nice houses, fancy cars, personal jets, drinking from the top shelf; the world is their oyster. They also get to do amazing things - whether it's the productions they're on, the charity functions they head up, or the piles of cash they get to roll in (probably). Whether it's through the press or something we just hear about directly from their statements and appearances, you just know there are some parts of their lives that you want for yourself. This list ranks all the famous people you'd want to switch lives with. 

Whether it's the glitz and glamour of Jennifer Lawrence's incredible career, or the unbelievable good looks that never fade in George Clooney, there's always something about these popular celebrities that you'd like to see in our own lives. Is it Chris Pratt's easygoing nature that you're jealous of? Or is it the fierce independence of Beyonce? Either way, these celebrities have "it," whatever "it" may be!

So check out this list of celebrities you would switch lives with, and vote up the celebs whose life you are most envious of.
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