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26 Celebrities Whose Parents Are Teachers

Can you imagine if Matt Damon's mom or Sandra Bullock's dad taught your math class? What if Alec Baldwin's dad coached your football team? Here are celebrities whose parents are teachers, including history teachers, math teachers, are more. These famous actors, actresses and musicians had teachers for parents, though not all of them were actually in the classes their parents taught. Some of these celebrities' parents taught drama while others taught math. A few famous people even grew up with two teachers as parents.

Who is the most famous person whose parents were teachers? Tom Cruise tops our list. Tom Cruise's mother is a special education teacher. Alec Baldwin's mother is a social studies teacher and his father is a football coach. Matt Damon's mother is an early childhood education professor. Will Ferrell's mother is also a teacher.

Several famous women's parents were also teachers. Julia Roberts's father is a drama teacher. Eliza Dushku's mother is a political science professor, and her father is a teacher and school administrator. Jennifer Garner's mother is a retired English professor. Both of Amy Poehler's parents are high school teachers.

Do you think that being raised by teachers helped these celebrities to succeed in their given professions? Share your thoughts in the comments section.