Famous Men With At Least 4 Kids

This list features information on celebrities with four kids or more. If you’ve ever wondered, “Which celebrity has the most kids?” this list can be your reference - at least for celebrity men. 

Many famous male celebrities have large families of four or more children. Several famous men have had children with multiple partners, like Paul McCartney and Keith Richards, who have multiple children with two different mothers. Read more about the celebrities with the most baby mamas below. 

Famous actors, rappers, rock stars, comedians, and athletes all have families with a lot of children. Who is the most famous person with four plus kids? Brad Pitt is one of the celebrities with 4 kids or more. He and ex Angelina Jolie share six children, some of whom were adopted.

Are you surprised by any of the famous men with four or more children? Read on below to learn more about famous male celebrities with lots of children