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Celebrities Who've Had Serious Mean Streaks

Updated July 22, 2020 236.9k views18 items

Celebrities may receive tons of love and admiration from adoring fans, but if the public knew what goes behind the scenes, some wouldn't be held in such high regard. Many celebrities have committed crimes and many celebrities are allegedly mean in public or to their spouses. Racism? Animal cruelty? Domestic violence? Find em' all on this list! Just because they play lovable characters on the big screen doesn't mean they're the most lovable human beings during their day-to-day.

Bill Cosby, Mel Gibson, and Chris Brown have been in the news recently for terrible things, but they're not the only celebs to have committed regrettable deeds. Laura Bush killed someone in a car accident. Ted Kennedy did the same, but the circumstances behind his accident were even worse. Even Dr. Seuss apparently wasn't that great. Consider your bubble burst. 

This list should give some perspective that celebrities are just people, and some people can be really terrible. If you're ready to have your perceptions shattered, take a look at this list and vote up the celebrities who you think deserve to be exposed for who they really are!