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20 Celebrities with (Alleged) Ties to the Mafia

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You'll be surprised by some of the celebrities with alleged ties to the mafia, the crime bosses, mafiosos, mobsters, and gangsters. Of course, there are the obvious actors who've played mafiosos, people like Al Pacino and James Caan. They're the kind of actors who may have gotten deep into their characters by hanging out with actual mobsters... "Method Acting." 
But this list also includes people who you wouldn't expect, like English bombshell Elizabeth Hurley. What has she been doing with mobsters? Does the mafia really like the 2000 film Bedazzled? Was their relationship the inspiration for Mickey Blue Eyes
And, furthermore, what was the mafia doing with Tito Puente? Did they just really need someone to play the vibraphone at a mob function? 
It's important to remember these relationships haven't been confirmed, these are just celebrities who have been rumored to have mafia connections. Perhaps they got connected because they went to the same birthday party. Or maybe it's something more sinister. Maybe Wayne Newton's success in Las Vegas will require him to pay a few favors out to the mob? 
Let your imagination run wild with this list!  
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    This deceased "Law & Order" star was connected to the Colombos. He was an eyewitness in the murder of Crazy Joe Gallo, but refused to cooperate with police. Even though Orbach saw the shooter, he went to his grave never revealing who it was. 

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    According to MafiaInformation.comthis British bombshell has been linked to the Colombos. Hurley is said to have associated with Colombo Capo Donnie "Shacks" Montemarono, who was investigated by the FBI for fixing UCLA football games. Charges were dropped, but he stayed on their radar.
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    This Las Vegas mainstay allegedly has connections to the Gambinos. Newton has publicly admited to knowing Guido Penosi of the Gamino crime family, but Newton insisted that he didn't know about Penosi's ties. He told a newspaper in 2000: "I'm an Indian boy from Virginia. What do I know about the Mafia?"

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    Over the years, this billionaire Vegas hotelier is said to have had connections to Genoveses, among other crime families. In 1986, Wynn got into heat with authorities over his Atlantic City hotel. Investigators discovered that Wynn's friend, mobster Tony Castelbuono, had been laundering the profits from his heroin-trafficking business through Wynn's casino. The scandal almost cost Wynn his gambling license.

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