Celebrities Who Get A Way Worse Rep Than They Deserve

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Celebrities can often get a pretty raw deal when it comes to their reputations. Whether they come across as jerks on camera or just seem to have far too much power and money, there are certain public figures that simply rub people the wrong way. While this reception can often be earned through illegal activity or general shadiness (we'll just leave it at that), there are plenty of celebrities who don’t deserve the bad rep that they have been saddled with.

And often times, the general public might dislike celebrities for reasons that don’t necessarily stack up – like regular appearances in bad movies movies or a memorably poor performance. However, are these public figures really deserving of all the hate? These despised celebs might have done a lot of work with charities that the public is largely unaware of. 

This is your opportunity to right a few wrongs. Vote up the celebrities that everyone seems to hate but that you think aren't that bad and should be given another chance.

Most divisive: Simon Cowell
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