16 Celebrities With Allegedly Disgusting Hygiene Habits

Famous people often seem like they're impeccably groomed and polished at all times, but that's not the case for these stars with gross hygiene habits. Sure, they pull out all the stops to attend awards shows and galas, but during their day-to-day routines, these celebs live life a little... funkier. On our list, we have shared a number of stars with allegedly bad hygiene who have come clean about their affinity for living dirty.

Some of these celebrities with gross hygiene habits might not surprise you thanks to their scruffy appearances, but others could shock you since their unsavory habits are far more subtle. For example, who knew that Brad Pitt prefers to bathe with wet wipes or that Megan Fox never flushes the toilet? The disgusting habits of the rich and famous range from the slightly odd to the downright nuts.