16 Celebrities You Would Never Guess Are Secretly Insanely Talented

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There is no question that there are many talented celebrities out there, but there seems to be quite a few famous folks in the limelight who don't necessarily deserve the fame. Conversely, there are also celebrities who are really good at something - whether it be acting, singing, or a more obscure talent - who aren't given nearly as much credit as they're due.

Often, these impressive celebrities get pigeon-holed into a single category when in reality, they're multitalented. A lot of these celebrities' hidden talents and quirky hobbies often go unnoticed by fans and the media alike, and it's a shame. And, despite what we may think of certain people in the spotlight, some of them are super smart, too.

Here is a list of celebrities who are really good at something (or somethings), but don't get the credit they deserve.