Every Person And Company In Hollywood Who Has An Inclusion Rider

Frances McDormand's 2018 Oscar speech included the term "inclusion rider," which, at the time, was little-known to anyone outside the film industry. As she accepted the Best Actress award and walked away from the mic, the postponed applause from the audience indicated there was a collective ambivalence around the statement. 

Until McDormand popularized the term, not everyone was familiar with the concept. What is an inclusion rider and why do people adopt them? An inclusion rider is a condition within an acting contract that requires a certain amount of diversity on the set for a film. Be it casting or production, the inclusion rider insists there should be a fair and diverse population involved in a film's creation. The concept is fairly new, dating back to a 2014 article in the Women in Entertainment issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine suggesting that Hollywood should uphold certain standards that reflect and represent gender equality. Stacy Smith, director of USC Annenberg's Inclusion Initiative, wrote the article, which called for more diversity in Hollywood overall. 

As there's a big push now to incorporate this stipulation, who are the celebrities with inclusion riders? In recent years, diversity and opportunity have become more of a priority in Hollywood. Many celebrity contracts now include riders as more and more A-listers join the fight for equal representation. The following actors, producers, and directors either have inclusion riders or own production companies that implement them on set. Read through this list of actors who are paving the way for a more balanced representation of the human population.