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Famous People Who Use Initials In Their Names

Sometimes, people decide that they want to be called by their initials instead of their full names. Here is a list of famous people who go by their initials, including a first initial, middle initial, or sometimes, even both. If one person has two middle names, he might come up with a way to use two or even three initials in his professional name. What kind of person would do this? Writers, actors, athletes, musicians, and all sorts of other people have used initials in lieu of full names for as long as surnames have existed.

Some examples are William H. Macy, E. B. White, and Vivica A. Fox. This list has the full names of people who use their initials, so now you know what Samuel L. Jackson's middle name is. It does not include people who use initials in pseudonyms - for example, W. C. Fields was born William Claude Dukenfield, so he is not on this list. Neither is Louis C.K., whose real last name is Székely. 

Historically, calling oneself by initials has been a habit of wealthier classes. Many politicians, especially U.S. Presidents, have included an initial or two in their names. Sometimes, SAG makes you add a little something to distinguish yourself from the other Vivica Fox. Or maybe you are trying to get away with writing a book for boys, but you don't want them to know that you are a lady. What do you think about that, J. K. Rowling and S. E. Hinton? Sometimes, like in the case of Harry S. Truman, the S. is just an S. There is no name behind it.

Mary J. Blige is one of the singers with a middle name abbreviation. The 'J' stands for Jane. Other singers with initials in their names include AJ McLean and K.D. Lang. Two famous authors are people known by their initials - J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin. 

Check out this list of famous people who go by their initials, below. Were you surprised by the real names behind any of these celebrities with initials?