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Believe it or not, there are several celebrities who have had children over the course of several decades, with their children's ages ranging over 20 years apart. Some of these famous parents are musicians and others are actors. Most famous people with lots of kids years apart are men, but there are a few ladies who have kids in different generations.

Who is the most famous person with kids born decades apart? Donald Trump tops our list. The Donald has five children born over the course of 26 years: 1977 - Donald Trump, Jr. (with Ivana Trump), 1981 Ivanka Trump (with Ivana Trump), 1984 - Eric Frederic Trump (with Ivana Trump), 1993 Tiffany Ariana Trump (with Marla Maples), and 2006 - Barron Trump (with Melania Trump). Larry King is also on this list with five kids born over the course of 39 years. 

Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, and Mel Gibson also have children with wide age gaps, and Paul McCartney's kids were born over the course of 41 years. Mia Farrow has 14 children born 23 years apart, many of whom she adopted as a single mother.

Do you think it would be weird to have a sibling 40 years older than you? Check out this list of celebrities with kids decades apart, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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Paul McCartney is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 17 Celebrities with Kids Born Decades Apart
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Paul McCartney has five children born over a span of 41 years: 

1962 - Heather McCartney (adopted with biological mother Linda McCartney)
1969 - Mary McCartney (with Linda McCartney)
1971 - Stella McCartney (with Linda McCartney)
1977 - James Louis McCartney (with Linda McCartney)
2003 - Beatrice McCartney (with Heather Mills)

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Bob Dylan is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 17 Celebrities with Kids Born Decades Apart
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Bob Dylan has six children born over a span of 25 years:  

1961 - Maria Dylan (adopted with biological mother Sara Dylan)
1966 - Jesse Dylan (with Sara Dylan)
1967 - Anna Dylan (with Sara Dylan)
1968 - Sam Dylan (with Sara Dylan)
1969 - Jakob Dylan (with Sara Dylan)
1986 - Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan (with Carolyn Dennis).

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Robert De Niro is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 17 Celebrities with Kids Born Decades Apart
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Robert De Niro has six children born 40 years apart:

1971 - Drena De Niro (with Diahnne Abbott)
1976 - Raphael De Niro (with Diahnne Abbott)
1995 - Aaron Kendrick De Niro (with Toukie Smith)
1995 - Julian Henry De Niro (with Toukie Smith)
1998 - Elliot De Niro (with Grace Hightower)
2011 - Helen Grace De Niro (with Grace Hightower via surrogate).

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Charlie Chaplin is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 17 Celebrities with Kids Born Decades Apart
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Charlie Chaplin had 11 children born over a span of 43 years: 

1919 - Norman Spencer Chaplin (with Mildred Harris)
1925 - Charles Chaplin, Jr. (with Lita Grey)
1926 - Sydney Earl Chaplin (with Lita Grey)
1944 - Geraldine Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1946 - Michael Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1949 - Josephine Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1951 - Victoria Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1953 - Eugene Anthony Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1957 - Jane Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1959 - Annette Emily Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)
1962 - Christopher James Chaplin (with Oona O'Neill)

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