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40+ Celebrities Who Have Had Mastectomies

For whatever reason, we look to celebrities as examples and role models. We watch their every move and the gossip blogs keep us up to date on every choice they make. One such private decision some celebrities have publicly undertaken, is whether or not to get a mastectomy, and the celebrities, both male and female, on this list have all had the procedure.

A mastectomy, or a double mastectomy, is the surgical procedure of removing one or both breasts, either partially or completely. It is usually done as a preventative procedure associated with breast cancer. Sometimes done as a preventative measure when tests come back positive for certain known cancer causing agents, it can be required for men or women. These celebrities each had their own reason for having a mastectomy.Which celebrities have had a vasectomy?

People as famous as Angelina Jole and even famous men like Montel Williams have all had mastectomies. Read through the list below to find out which other celebrities have had the a mastectomy.