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26 Celebrities with Nose Piercings

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Stars, they're just like us! They go to the grocery store, do laundry, and get their noses pierced in order to look cooler and edgier than ever before! This list of celebrities with nose piercings spotlights the most famous stars who've gone the nose ring route. Several famous actors and musicians have their nose pierced. Some of them wear a dainty stud on their famous noses while others opt for big gold hoops. One well-known neo-soul singer even sports a massive horn through her nostril.

Who is the most famous person who has a nose piercing? Miley Cyrus tops our list. Miley Cyrus revealed her nose piercing in 2012, but she's not the only young starlet with a pierced face. Back when Christina Aguilera was still Xtina, she rocked a nose piercing. Kelis has her septum pierced, and she has been known to wear elaborate face jewelry that connects her earrings to her nose.

Several famous men also have nose piercings. Male nose piercing aficionado Lenny Kravitz wears a hoop ring through his famous snout. The Prodigy musician Keith Flint has several face piercings, including his nose, septum, ears, and tongue. Tommy Lee has his ears pierced, and he wears a hoop in his nose. Other famous girls and guys with nose piercings include Chris Brown, Jordan Sparks, and Kelly Clarkson.

Which celebrities with nose rings do you like the best? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
  • In 2010, Nicole Richie said that she regretted getting her tattoos and piercings. She said, "Piercings scar but you could get your tattoo removed. When I was 15 I got my belly button pierced and it was a big deal, and now I have this scar there that I feel worse about than my tattoos."
    • Born: 1981-09-21
    • Age: 39
    • Birthplace: Berkeley, California, United States of America

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  • Rumer Willis has been rocking a nose piercing for several years.
    • Born: 1988-08-16
    • Age: 32
    • Birthplace: Paducah, Kentucky, United States of America

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  • Demi Lovato got her nose pierced in 2011, but she no longer wears a stud.
    • Born: 1992-08-20
    • Age: 28
    • Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America

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  • Kelly Clarkson
    Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment
    Kelly Clarkson has a nose ring on her left nostril.
    • Born: 1982-04-24
    • Age: 38
    • Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America

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