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16 Celebrities With Names That Could Have Come From The 'Star Wars' Galaxy

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When it comes to cultural touchstones, few film franchises hold a candle to Star Wars. Inspired by Akira Kurasawa's films, westerns, and sci-fi serials, the galaxy far, far away has some major roots here on Earth. Take a love of Star Wars and mix-in the internet, a message board, and super-awesome naming conventions from around the world and you wind up with nerds on Reddit whimsically discussing which celebrities have the most Star Wars sounding names.

This is a collection of celebrities with names that could totally fit in to the Star Wars galaxy. Vote up your favorites!

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    "Darling, I love you, but give me Coruscant."

    From a galaxy far, far away?
  • From Redditor u/itak365:

    I was always really sad a "Tuuskken" Raider joke was never made after his hockey stick beat down. Tuukka raises his stick in the air, braying.

    From a galaxy far, far away?
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    From Redditor u/Wolf6120:

    This isn't just the name of a Star Wars character, this is the name of one of those background Star Wars characters in Jabba's palace who got a ridiculously over-detailed backstory in one of those special picture books.

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    A bounty hunter, perhaps?

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