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Not every celebrity knew from the get-go they wanted to perform. Many future stars arrive at college without their sights set on studying performing arts. In fact, they often go in a completely different direction, resulting in plenty of celebrities with weird college degrees. The choices may not make much sense now, but these celebrities once considered jobs that didn't involve the limelight. 

The weirdest celebrity college degrees include an adult film star with a master's in education, a rock icon who's also an astrophysicist, and a comedy legend who studied electrical engineering. While their careers worked out a little differently than originally planned, it's doubtful any of them mind - especially the celebrities who worked weird jobs before getting famous. Regardless, not a single one needs to worry about repaying student loans for degrees they'll never use.

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Arguably the world's most famous adult performer, Ron Jeremy's academic background may come as a surprise. Jeremy holds a Master of Education in special education from Queens College.

Jeremy's detour into adult films started as a purely financial decision. "I quit teaching because I was making no money," he said.

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Queen's Brian May earned a Bachelor of Science in physics, with honors, in the '70s. In 2007, he returned to finish his PhD in astrophysics at the same university, Imperial College London. His doctoral thesis tackled the motions of interplanetary dust.

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Before becoming an action star, Dolph Lundgren was something of a brainiac. Lundgren earned a Master of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney in 1982. And the Swedish actor also won a Fulbright Scholarship to further his education at MIT - before fame intervened.

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The man behind Mr. Bean is light-years away from the clumsiness of his most famous character. Rowan Atkinson earned a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Oxford. While at university, he began writing and performing, so Atkinson apparently knew where he wanted his career to ultimately go.

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